R. Miller Represented at Marine Corps Marathon

This year marks the 230th anniversary of the United States Marine Corps. It is also the 30th anniversary of the “Run for the people”, the Marine Corps’ annual marathon in Washington D.C. On October 30, Kim Esteban, Marketing Director at R. Miller Architecture, ran her first marathon – The Marine Corps Marathon. “It was something I’ll never forget…..a beautiful place, a great day, and a really awesome event” says Kim. Back in June when Kim started training she had not run more than 4 miles consecutively. But after 5 months of training 3 days a week the preparation had paid off. More than 22,000 people ran the marathon, with a memorable finish at the Iwo Jima monument. Kim’s support team attended the event as well – Ignacio (husband), Gabi, Elena, & Daniel (children), and Bob and Diane Miller(parents).

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