Hydrogen Powered Ride

Miller Drives Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Bob Miller has loved cars since he was a young boy working at his father’s car dealership. So of course he was intrigued by the idea of vehicles powered with alternate energy such as hydrogen fuel cell technology.

On November 7, Bob drove a Ford Focus, powered by hydrogen fuel cell, around Central Florida courtesy of Ford and Progress Energy. “In 2004, Ford and BP America selected Florida as one of only three sites nationwide to demonstrate the cars……The cars produce no harmful emissions and get the equivalent of 49 miles per gallon in the city and 54 on the highway, says Greg Frenette, manager of the Ford Focus FCV Demo Fleet.” (Florida’s Hydrogen Highway – Florida Trend, November 2005)

Anticipated completion of Florida’s first hydrogen fueling station is scheduled for 2006 in Orlando. As City Councilman in Maitland, Miller is actively promoting commuter rail, mass transit and alternate energy systems such as hydrogen powered fuel cells.

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